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The Renewable Development Initiative was developed by the National Farmers Union Scotland with funding from the Scottish Government and was facilitated by Savills.

This innovative project ran over three years with 27 free farm visits being undertaken across Scotland on farms who have or are installing renewable energy schemes. These projects will be located across three separate regions (north, central and south) and will examine various renewable energy technologies such as biomass, wind, solar photovoltaics, hydro power and anaerobic digestion.

The selected projects demonstrated the challenges faced and solutions adopted at various stages of a scheme’s life - from planning, to construction, to operation. The projects also provided an insight into how renewable energy can provide valuable additional income to an agricultural business. As part of regular farm open days there was informative presentations and workshops with farmers that have first-hand experience of renewables, as well as with industry experts. The Renewable Development Initiative was established with the aim of providing sound independent advice to farmers and land managers across Scotland on renewable energy.

By showcasing renewable technologies in action on farms with those that live and work with them, we aimed to provide people with a far greater understanding about the true benefits available and what can be achieved.

The RDI ran from November 2013 to December 2015. Every effort was made to ensure the information was true at the time of writing, but some information (in particular that refering to government subsidies) may not be applicable anymore.