Peacehill Farm

8th December 2015

Tuesday 8th December

Anaerobic Digestion (Gas to Grid) and Biomass

Ross Forster – Peacehill Farm, Wormit, DD6 8PJ

This project is currently under construction and is the first gas to grid AD project in Fife.  The AD plant covers a 2 Hectare site and is fed from cereal and vegetable stock and managed by the production of a three year crop plan to match the expected output of the AD plant.  The gas main has been extended by 150m by Scotia Gas Networks to the AD site.  The plant is operated in such a way that the plant is automatically fed by storage units that constantly feed the digesters automatically every hour.

In addition to the AD plant, Peacehill farm has two biomass boiler systems which supply heat to a series of chicken sheds.  The first is a 900kW Gillies boiler with a walking floor.  The second system is a series of 3 x 200kW boilers.  In addition to creating a new income for the farm the biomass boilers have also improved the quality and survival rates of the chickens.