West Mains of Kinblethmont

West Mains of Kinblethmont
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Drying crops in Scotland with fossil fuels is not sustainable, that why I moved to biomass
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Robert Ramsay
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30th July
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Over the last couple of years Robert has invested in biomass, Solar, Wind technologies.  As part of the open day there was a practical demonstration of two batch boilers (300kW and 600kW) and two wood chip boilers (75kW and 195kW).  Particular focus was given to the grain drying system which is run off the two batch boilers and the upgrading works that Robert is looking at undertaking to this system. 

In addition to the biomass boilers there is an operational 11kW Gaia wind turbine and a 50kW solar PV system.  These installations supply the farm buildings and operations with power, and export any excess generation to the local electricity grid network. The electricity generation from these two sources makes the farm a net energy exporter.


Robert has a clear passion for renewables and when put himself forward for an open day stating that “Drying crops in Scotland with fossil fuels is not sustainable, that why I moved to biomass”.  The day will begin with an overview of Roberts’s vision for the farm and the drivers behind his investment in Renewable Energy and then move onto a number of practical workshops with the installers of the different systems.

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16th December 2015
Cronan Farm

Wednesday 16th December

Battery Storage, Solar, Grid Connections, Energy Optimisation and LED lighting