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Formartine Energy Partnership LLP
Ellon, Aberdeenshire
Planning Consent Gained
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4th November 2013
Farm Size: 
Cairnadailly Farm comprises 400 acres of arable land, the majority of which is used for growing cereal crops including oil seed rape and wheat.
Formartine Energy Partnership LLP
Project manager - David Smith
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Alan Smith
Details of Project: 

The Formartine Partnership Ltd plans to use land at Cairnadailly Farm to erect a single Enercon E-53 800kW wind turbine. 

Enercon E-53 800kW wind turbine

  • Hub height: 60 metres
  • Rotor diameter: 52.9 metres
  • Total height to blade tip: 86.5 metres
  • Swept area: 2,198 square metres 
  • The turbine is gearless and variable speed, with active pitch control on each of its three blades. 

Wind data

An anemometer was in place on the site between 2002 and 2009 in order to measure wind speeds at the proposed turbine location. This was legacy data for a wind farm developer who decided to to progress the site. 

The data gathered from the anemometer was then used by the Met Office to prepare a Virtual Met Mast Plus report. This report provided an indication of the long term variation of wind speed at the site and revealed that the site experiences an average wind speed of 7.1 metres per second at 50 metres height. In addition a capacity factor of 31% was calculated for the location, which is very favourable. The expected annual energy generation from the turbine given these wind speeds is 2.17 GWh.

Planning consent

A planning application (reference APP/2011/2468) for a three turbine development was originally submitted by a specialist planning consultant in July 2011. This application was subsequently revised to a two turbine development in February 2012 and then to a one turbine development in August 2012 following consultation with the planning authority. Planning was refused in December 2012, but an appeal to Scottish Ministers was submitted in January 2013 and this was granted on the 4th of April 2013 

The cost of the feasibility work undertaken to date on the project amounts to a total of approximately £62,000, 

Grid connection

An electricity grid connection for the turbine has been agreed with the District Network Operator Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) with the proposed date for connection being the 31st of October 2015.

  • SSE non-contestable works approximately £40,800
  • SSE contestable works approximately £306,800
  • Independent connection provider contestable works approximately £190,000-£230,000

This demonstrates the savings that can be made by using an ICP to undertake contestable works

Investment costs and returns

The capital cost is currently estimated at £1.5 million. Annual FIT payments and export tariffs amount to approximately £313,000, and taking into account annual maintenance and running costs this results in a payback for the scheme of approximately 10 years.

The project is likely to be part funded by both private capital supplied by David Smith and by a bank loan.  

Profit allocation from the project is proposed to be split 80/20, with 80% of profits going to David Smith and 20% of profits going to Formartine Community Council which are intended to benefit various community projects and concerns. 

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