Knockbain Farm / Dingwall Co-op

Knockbain Farm / Dingwall Co-op
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Co-ops are an excellant way of raising funds for renewable energy projects. They can provide a high rate of return and have the satisfaction of wider community involvement.
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The Lockett family
First Meeting: 
10th December 2014
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Family farm owned by David Locket. Produces beef, lamb, barley and potatoes on 700 acres of land.
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This 250kW wind turbine is the first 100% co-operatively owned wind development in Scotland and a fine example of the alternative funding structures that are available for communities, farmers and land managers. The Co-op was launched in September 2013 and the turbine was commissioned on the 16th June 2014.  There are 179 members of the co-op some of who were available on the open day to discuss the project along with the Lockett family who own the development site.  The open day  focussed on all key aspects of the development including planning and grid connection although specific focus will be given to the co-op funding model used and the SEIS and EIS opportunities available for other renewable energy projects.

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16th December 2015
Cronan Farm

Wednesday 16th December

Battery Storage, Solar, Grid Connections, Energy Optimisation and LED lighting