Remony, Acharn, Aberfeldy, Perthshire
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For nearly 90 years hydro has been fundemental to sustaining the Farm and Estate
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James Duncan Millar
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11th June 2014
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Remony has  two high head hydro schemes at Acharn Burn and Remony Burn with a capacity of 360kW and 490kW respectively.

 The original 30kW Acharn scheme was built in 1925. Planning to replace the scheme began in 1982 when the penstock fractured. The scheme continued to operate until 1991 althouh the output had dropped to 19kW. By this point the Alternator needed replacing as did the speed regulator. The current 350kW hydro scheme at Acharn burn was installed in 1992. It was connected to the grid in 1993 and a three phase connection was made to the main house on Remony in 1996 with additional available capacity to run a green house or other project.

The scheme has a head of 111m over an 800m penstock. Acharn burn has a catchment of 12.5km2 above the intake, with an annual average rainfall of 2229 mm resulting in an estimated average flow of 0.38 cubic metres per a second (m3/s).

The Remony burn scheme was comissioned May 2013. It is the larger of the two schemes at 450kW with a head of 157m over a 1.16km penstock. Ramony burn has a catchment of 7.2km2 with an annual average rainfall of 2229 mm. Resulting in an estimated average flow of 0.38 cubic metres per a second (m3/s).

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10/10 "The exchange of practical knowledge betweeen hydro operators and potential operators is invaulable."

10/10 " Excellent, informative and good to meet like minded people - keep up the good work!"

10/10 "Informative, Impressive".

9/10 "Informative Speakers covering important issues".

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