East Knockbrex

East Knockbrex
West of Newton Stewart
Featured Technology: 
Anaerobic Digestion
AD is a holistic solution that allows us to process slurry to improve fertiliser while generating electricity and heat.
Iain Service, February 2014

In More Detail

Iain Service
First Meeting: 
Farm Size: 
600 dairy cow capacity
Details of Project: 

East Knockbrex is a new build dairy farm complex with capacity for 600 milking cows. The AD plant has a 150 kW capacity and will be central to the functioning of the dairy operation, supplying both electricity and heat from its combined heat and power (CHP) engine to the dairy unit building.

Ground works and construction of elements of the plant is currently under way and the digester is planned to be operational by mid to late 2014

Feed back from event

9/10 "very good - lots of information provided"

8/10 "AD makes alot of sense, but is complicated"

8/10 "(I am) more confident in in discussing AD"

8/10 "very good, interesting and structured"

8/10 "Well laid out with good speakers"

SECOND VISIT (02/12/14)

This will be the second Renewable Development Initiative visit to East Knockbrex Farm.  Since the last visit most of the 600 head of dairy cows are now in place at the farm and the 150kW AD plant is operational having been energised in October 2014.  As with all AD plants there have been teething problems and this open day will give attendees an exciting opportunity to see a system in the early stages of operation.  The Free Energy commissioning team will be on site to walk you through the operational process and discuss the initial operational challenges that the plant has had.  There have been a number of challenges to getting this project pre-accredited, operational and connected to the grid which will be discussed by our host Iain Service.






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