Gledpark farm

Gledpark farm
Borgue, Dumfries and Galloway
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I chose the turbine first, and then the instlaler - this was key to controlling the overall costs.
Rupert Shaw - February 2014
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Ruper Shaw
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Small deer and shorthorn cattle farming enterprise
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Rupert Shaw has invested £45,000 into 10kW of renewable energy installations; making Gledpark Farm a net exporter of electricity.

The 6kW Kingspan turbine is well suited to the challenging climate in the South West and the 4kW of solar have a payback of just 6 years. One of the out standing features of this project is how well suited the capacity of generation is to the size of the farm. By balancing the farms needs against its generation, Rupert creates a much larger profit margin than if he had gone for higher capacity installations.

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"I will look at putting small scale renewables to suit production on farm."

10/10 "Excellent meeting, very informative"

8/10 "Near perfect, just don't like giving 10/10."

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16th December 2015
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Battery Storage, Solar, Grid Connections, Energy Optimisation and LED lighting