Muirhouse Farm

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Muirhouse Farm
Stow, Selkirkshire
Rising fuel bills and the need to find more sustainable and greener alternatives should have us all on our toes searching for opportunities that help our farms stay economically viable
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Details of Project: 

Iver has invested in a wide range of renewable energy technologies in recent years at his 600 acre farm near Stow.  These technologies serve his farmhouse, office and several surrounding cottages.  On the electricity generating side of things he has 2 x 5kW and 1 x 2.5kW wind turbines and is currently investigating a 800kW wind turbine installation.  He also has 6kW of solar PV from two installed systems with a 30kW system to be developed shortly. On the heat generating side of things he has two 20 tube solar thermal systems installed as well as a 16kW Ground Source Heat Pump and a 200kW biomass system which serves multiple properties.  In addition, he also makes his own biodiesel from oil-seed rape. 


This event was the most extensive display of renewable technologies on one farm the RDI has visited.

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16th December 2015
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Wednesday 16th December

Battery Storage, Solar, Grid Connections, Energy Optimisation and LED lighting