Woodend Farm

Woodend Farm
Duns, berwickshire
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"The Farming sector has become too reliant on fossil fuels, using renewable energy allows farmers to reduce the risk from volatile world fuel markets"
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John Seed
First Meeting: 
22nd July 2014
Details of Project: 

A 950kW boiler provides heat for the grain dryer and district heating system at Woodend farm. The farm also benefits from the electricity generated by a 50kW solar PV scheme and a 75kW wind turbine.

The 950kW boiler replaced a 450kW biomass boiler because the smaller boiler could not raise the amient air temperature above 21°C, the new boiler can heat the air by 40°C enabling the grain drying system to operate more quickly and efficiently. A system of air source heat pumps also work in unison with the boiler to recover heat from the grain dryer and re-circulate it in the dryer.

The solar scheme was undertaken by a London based developer, instead of recieving rent for the site, John enjoys free electricity.

feedback from event

10/10 "Good mix of presentations and site visit. Knowledgeable (and) believable speakers"

10/10 " The presentations and speakers were fantastic. Having the three things to see was great"

"When my parents retire I would like to install some technology, the visit helped me decide which option would be best for our system"

 "The integrated nature of the technologies is excellent. Keep it simple message (and) flexible systems that work at the farm level."

10/10 "Very good event".

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