Standhill Farm

Standhill Farm
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Anaerobic Digestion
If you are a large producer of dung or slurry, and use green bedding, then AD has the potential to suceed
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Jim Shanks
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This two tank 200kW AgriKomp Anaerobic Digester has been operational for just a few months.  It currently exports 153kW of electricity to the grid and is expected to go up to 200kW in late 2014 through the ARC (Accelerating Renewable Connections) scheme which is currently being run by SP Energy Networks in the South East of Scotland. 


The AD plant is fed on a mixture of cow slurry from Jim’s 220 dairy cows as well as a mixture of whole crop and grass silage.  Heat from the plant is currently used for the drying of woodchip and there is planning consent to develop 4 acres of glasshouses.  Digestate from the plant is pumped to nearby fields through an umbilical cord system.  The open day gave attendees an opportunity to hear from Jim Shanks in terms of his technology supply choice and the challenges that he’s encountered in securing grid connection and getting the plant through the commissioning stage.

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